AUTOTEKElectroplating Ltd. OLYMPICCoaters Ltd.

David A. Edwards, President

Like   his   brother   Robert,   David   is   a   3rd   generation   owner.      Working   in   a   full-time   capacity   since   1967,   David’s   experience   and   insight   in   the  demands   of   the   market   and   the   expected   quality   required   from   our   customers   have   shaped   Autotek   and   Olympic   to   continually   be   considered  one of the top electroplaters in North America.  

Robert P. Edwards, C.F.O.

Robert   is   the   4th   generation   to   enter   into   the   electroplating   business.      Robert   starting   working   for   the   company   at   a   young   age   learning   the  business   at   each   stage.      He   came   to   the   company   in   1999   in   a   full-time   capacity   after   receiving   his   Business   Administration   (Honours)   degree  from the University of Windsor.  Subsequent to this, he obtained his C.M.A. designation.

Robert E. Edwards, C.E.O.

Robert,  part  of  the  3rd  generation  of  owners  was  born  into  the  business,  learning  every  facet  of  the  electroplating  process  from  the  ground  up.   He  joined  the  company  full-time  in  1970  in  a  managerial  role  and  was  instrumental  in  the  expansion  and  overall  growth.    His  expertise  in  electroplating and finance helped to shape the companies to where they are today.   Robert is a founding partner of both Autotek and Olympic.

Edward G. Astrauskas, C.O.O.

Edward   joined   the   company   in   1995   during   a   period   of   expansion.      His   background   in   the   Tier   1   automotive   industry   and   his   extensive  knowledge   in   the   electroplating   process   quickly   made   him   the   “go-to- guy”   for   advice.      His   reputation   among   his   piers   in   the   industry   are   a  testament to the experience and contributions that he provides to the company and our customers.  
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