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Value Added

Value  added  services  individually  tailored  to  our  customers  needs  and  requirements  can  also  be  arranged.    These    include  decanting,  gauging, specific packaging, labelling, sorting, additional quality testing, direct shipping, bar- coding, customs documentation and customized reporting.

Our Services

In  order  to  provide  the  special  care  to  the  ever  more  diversified  needs  of  the  industry,  Autotek  and  Olympic,  since  1996  has  customized  its operations to serve those needs. Our portfolio includes some clients that have been with us for over 20 years. All  facilities  operate  to  ELV  standards  and  have  RoHS  compliant  processes.    All  quality  systems  operate  to    ISO  9001:2008  to  meet  automotive requirements.     We   have   the   capability   to   operate   three   shifts,   handling   both   large   parts   and      volumes.      All   plants   are   conveniently   located   within  the Metro Toronto area, easily accessible by highway.

Quality Control

Our quality control department continuously inspects the parts throughout the plating process to ensure that they meet the high standard that you have come to expect.

Finished Product

Parts are carefully packed and shipped according to the customers’ instructions.
 Service, attention to detail and our responsiveness to our clients needs is what sets us apart from other electroplating companies. 
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Competitive Pricing

Competitive and reliable  pricing covering all your  requirements based upon  your submitted prints or  samples.