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This ongoing achievement is based on our belief that ideas, people, leadership, innovation and work connecting together, can bring success.

Our History

In  1921,  The  Edwards  family  formed  a  small  plating  facility  called  Dovercourt  Electro-Plating.    Dovercourt    began  as  a  modest  concern  with  a  staff  of  four  in  a  1,200  square  foot facility  on  Dovercourt  Road  in    Toronto,  Ontario.    The  company  began  to  expand,  growing in  equipment,  volume   and   physical   plant   size,      increasing   first   to   3,000   square   feet,   then  moving to a 5,000 square foot factory where chrome plating  work was started. In   the   early   1960’s,   the   company   moved   to   a   15,000   square   foot   location   which   was  expanded   to   20,500      feet   to   meet   the   demand.      By   1969,   the   company   employed   80  people   in   a   facility   that   plated   nickel,      zinc,   chrome,   brass   and   gold.      Dovercourt   serviced  both   the   commercial   business   sector   in   the   plating   of      appliance   parts   and   wire   work   and  in parts used in the emerging automotive industry. During   the   1970’s   as   the   industry   began   to   consolidate,   the   decision   was   reached   by   the   executive,      Robert   and   David   Edwards   to   specialize   in  high-volume nickel-chrome plating.  The facilities were  retrofitted with fully-automated equipment for high production. 1980 saw an increase in the volume of automotive work and in 1987 a second company, known as  Autotek Electroplating was formed. Plans   for   a   third   facility   became   a   reality   in   1995   with   the   opening   of   Athena   Protective   Coatings,   but      continued   growth   and   high   environmental  standards   had   set   the   pace   and   in   1998,   a   fourth   facility   was      opened   and   named   Olympic   Coaters,   thus   assuring   the   market   of   continued exceptional service. To meet the challenges of the 21st millennium, the production operations of both Athena and Dovercourt Electro-Plating were consolidated into the two remaining facilities. Today, our organization consists of 6 fully automated plating machines with a workforce of approximately 130 dedicated employees and is currently owned by the third generation, Robert and David Edwards.
Bob Edwards, former President of Dovercourt Electro-Plating at the company’s original premises on Dovercourt Road, c. 1955 (416-) 213-1706 354 Humberline Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W 5S3   Fax:  (416) 213-1685
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