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Employment Policy


This   Accessibility   Statement   and   Plan   for   Employment   sets   out   our   commitment   and   strategy   to   remove   barriers   to   accessibility   in employment and to encourage the full inclusion of persons with disabilities at our companies. We   are   committed   to   fair   and   accessible   employment   practices.   We   will   ensure   that   reasonable   accommodations   are   made   available to persons with disabilities during the recruitment, assessment and selection processes on an ongoing basis. We   are   dedicated   to   ensuring   that   reasonable   accommodations   are   made   available   to   employees   with   disabilities   throughout   the employment relationship. We   will   also   continue   to   review   our   return   to   work   and   accommodation   processes   to   ensure   the   development   and   documentation   of individual accommodation plans for employees on an ongoing basis.


We   will   inform   our   employees   and   members   of   the   public   of   the   availability   of   accommodation   for   applicants   with   disabilities   who   are participating in the companies’ recruitment process.

Recruitment, Assessment or Selection Process

We   will   notify   applicants   for   employment   who   are   individually   selected   to   participate   in   a   recruitment   assessment   or   selection   process that   they   may,   upon   request,   have   access   to   accommodations   with   respect   to   the   materials   and   processes   to   be   used.   We   will   consult with   the   selected   applicants   who   request   an   accommodation   and   will   arrange   to   provide   a   suitable   accommodation   in   a   manner   that takes their accessibility needs into account.

Offer of Employment to the Successful Applicants

When   making   offers   of   employment,   we   will   notify   all   successful   employees   regarding   this   policy   and   other   policy   that   the   company may adopt in the future in order to accommodate employees with disabilities.

Informing New Employees of Supports

We   will   notify   our   prospective   employees   about   the   company’s   Accessibility   Standards   Policy   and   other   policies   that   we   may   adopt   in the   future   to   support   employees   with   disabilities.   The   policies   on   provision   of   job   accommodations   that   take   into   account   the accessibility   needs   of   employees   due   to   disability   will   be   provided   to   the   new   employees   as   soon   as   it   is   practicable   following   the commencement   of   the   employment.   Training   will   be   provided   on   an   on-going   basis   to   reflect   any   changes   made   to   the   company’s policies. 

Workplace Emergency Response Information

We   will   provide   individualized   workplace   emergency   response   information   to   employees   who   have   identified   that   they   have   a disability that requires accommodation. If   an   employee   requires   assistance,   we   will,   with   the   employee’s   consent,   provide   the   workplace   emergency   response   information   to the person designated by the company to provide assistance to the employee. We   will   provide   individualized   workplace   response   information   as   soon   as   it   is   practicable   and   once   we   are   aware   of   the   need   for accommodation.  If   an   employee   requires   an   individualized   workplace   response   plan,   they   would   be   required   to   complete   the   Individualized   Emergency Response Plan Consent Form.  A copy will be made available in accessible format to anyone that requests it either by contacting us at (416) 213-1706 or by email at In   addition   to   this,   we   will   also   adopt   a   written   process   for   the   development   of   documented   individual   accommodation   plans   for employees with disabilities that meets the requirements of the Regulation. 

Accommodation Plan Process

We   are   committed   to   accommodating   people   with   disabilities   and   will   use   the   following   process   to   identify   and   meet   employee accommodation needs. 1. Recognize   the   need   for   accommodation   if   requested   by   an   employee   or   identified   by   the   employee’s   direct   supervisor   or manager. 2. Collect   information   on   the   employee’s   functional   abilities,   which   would   contain   the   employee’s   personal   information   and medical   information.      This   information   will   be   kept   secure   and   dealt   with   in   a   confidential   manner.   This   information   will   only   be disclosed   with   the   individuals   who   need   it   to   perform   the   accommodation   process.   Once   the   information   is   gathered,   the employee,   manager   and   the   Human   Resources   Department   will   work   together   to   find   the   most   appropriate   accommodation   to suit their needs. A medical or other expert may be engaged to help determine the employee’s needs. 3. Once   the   situation   is   identified   and   all   the   necessary   information   is   gathered,   an   individual   accommodation   plan   will   be developed. The details will be documented in a written plan which would include the following: what accommodations will be provided, how   to   make   the   information   accessible   to   the   employee,   i.e.   any   accessible   formats   or   communication   supports   that an employee might need, when will the accommodation plan be reviewed and updated, and if   an   individual   plan   is   denied   after   assessing   the   situation,   a   letter   stating   the   reasons   for   denying   accommodation will be provided. 4. The   plan   will   be   reviewed   and   monitored   after   it   has   been   implemented   to   ensure   that   it   is   effective.   Any   updates   will   take place   as   required.   If   the   accommodation   is   no   longer   appropriate,   the   manager   and   the   Human   Resources   Department,   along with the employee will re-access the situation as discussed in step 2 and update the plan accordingly. The   accommodation   plan   will   also   be   reviewed   and   updated   if   the   employee’s   work   location   or   position   changes,   and/or   the   nature   of the employee’s disability changes.

Return-to-Work Process 

In   order   to   meet   the   requirements   of   the   regulation,   we   will   develop   and   maintain   a   documented   return-to-work   process   for   our employees   who   have   been   absent   from   work   due   to   disability   and   who   require   disability   related   accommodations   in   order   to   return   to their   position.      Our   return-to-work   process   will   implement   the   same   steps   as   outlined   in   our   accommodation   plan   process,   with individualized changes as needed. While   some   positions   might   not   always   be   feasible   for   job   modification   consideration,   we   will   strive   to   accommodate   all   persons   with disabilities with a comparable position.

Career Development and Advancement, Performance Management

We   will   take   into   account   the   accessibility   needs   of   employees   with   disabilities,   as   well   as   individual   accommodation   plans,   when conducting our performance management process.
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