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Autotek Electroplating Ltd.

Autotek Electroplating formed in 1987, specializes in high volume rack  zinc plating in   a   26,000   square   foot   facility.      Autotek   currently   employs approximately  50  people    on  a  full-time  basis.    Autotek  Electroplating  Ltd.  is located  within  the  same  industrial  park  as  Olympic  Coaters  Ltd.  allowing ease  of  delivery   for   our   customers   who   have   both   zinc   and      nickel   plating  requirements. Autotek  Electroplating Ltd. is a plating facility only. All    administrative  matters are handled through the offices of Olympic Coaters Ltd. four large automatic rack plating machines zinc-silver, hexavalent free, yellow, black chromate various zinc alloys, zinc-iron, zinc-cobalt
Autotek ISO Certificate
20 Huddersfield Road Rexdale, Ontario Canada M9W 5Z6 Telephone:  (416) 674-0063 Fax:  (416) 674-0093 EMail: Contacts & Further Information: Keith Cole, Production Manager Telephone:  (416) 674-0063, Ext 224 Fax:  (416) 674-0093 EMail: Adnan Latif, Quality Manager Telephone:  (416) 674-0063, Ext 225 Fax:  (416) 674-0093 EMail: For all administrative inquiries (Human Resource, Accounts  Receivable and Accounts Payable) please call:  (416) 213-1706
(416-) 213-1706 354 Humberline Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W 5S3   Fax:  (416) 213-1685
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Autotek is ISO 9001:2015 registered.

Certificate No: FS 64691

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